July 2016

The Finals - exhibition of Minerva students turned out to be a great success. Always full of visitors, the unusual space of the old sugar factory inspired with variety of artworks, revealing contrasting perceptions and fresh ideas. During the open hours there was always time to talk to our guests, not only discussing the concepts but also receiving valuable feedback. I have never participate in such a big event before, but with over a hundred of students we transformed the placed into an unforgettable showroom. The reviews of the exhibition have appeared in major Dutch newspapers, one of them - the Dagblad van het Noorden published a text on rising tendencies among this year's graduates. I was positively surprised to see my work on the front photograph accompanying the article.

Photo received from Alie van der Laan, a graduate from Minerva Academy

Website of the newspaper:

An article on the making of the exhibition in Kunstspot: achter de schermen bij de opbouw van de Academie Minerva eindexpo - Kunstspot

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July 2016

This month I am graduating from Academy Minerva in Groningen and gaining the title Bachelor of Fine Arts. For my final examination I created a dimensional composition that you can see at the grand exhibition together with works of other fourth year students. The opening takes place the 9th of July at 16:00 at the Energieweg 9 in Groningen. Bachelor of Fine Arts - JULY 2016.


February 2016

Slowly approaching the end of my bachelor studies, I focus on bigger projects doing best effort to polish my concepts. With the begging of new year with my fellow students from the fourth year, we organize several group exhibitions all around the city of Groningen. Each team is working independently, getting as little help from the Academy as possible, to prove our organizational skills and showcase our work in the best way. Together with my classmates we created FINE, an exhibition consisting of figurative but very imaginative artworks unrestrained by conventions. What bonds us is the wish to tell stories, narrate through the details, bright colours and unraveled hatching. More details you can find on the poster below.

“Chased by dreamy visions, possessed by untamed imagination we create new worlds liberating the ideas, reflecting our strongest beliefs. The non existing realities are floating around the hollowed universe, inhabited by bizarre characters, surrounded with colourful sensations, stormy weather and blue sunshine.

We do tell stories, echoing gently they invite for an adventure in this twisted burst of unrestrained creativity. Let us guide you through the labyrinth of details, utopian valleys, deceptive transparency, luminous city suspended in the void and saturated visions questioning reality. Although the path you are to take seems chaotic you are welcome to open your mind and approach the space with own perception, contributing to our work with new interpretation. Enjoy the mellowness of imagery, our vivid dreams coming to life, aroma of lucid mysteries and freshly baked cupcakes. Trust me, it will be Fine.”

Text by Katarzyna Pawlikowska



Actually the centre of Warsaw is a peculiar place. Your stare can easily get lost in the web of shiny skyscrapers enlacing the sky, abundance of vehicles passing by, people rushing through their daily life. A single person can feel lonely overwhelmed by the wide spaces and monumental Palace of Culture and Science. Even knowing the area very well I still get stunned by the mix of contemporary and socrealistic architecture and look for new places to visit. This winter I came with an idea to stop by the Museum of Modern Art located just in the heart of the city and see what I will find there.
The exhibition that welcomes the viewer is titled “?” showcasing the work of a Slovak artist Július Koller. Various pieces of this conceptual creator are fitting perfectly in the space of the post communistic building striking with simplicity. The biggest surprise though was waiting at the first floor leaving all the guests speechless. Zofia Rydet. Record, 1978–1990 consists of enormous number of photographs from her sociological research that the artist made until her death. The pictures portray Polish households, traditions, memories. Mixing those together, gluing objects into composition she created fascinating compositions making me aware of elements of my culture I never realized.



To begin the new academical year with excitement and inspiration I grabbed my sketchbook and caught a flight to warm, welcoming Spain. The stories and concepts I worked on during last year were bounded to the representational art, making me study the importance of symbols and archetypes. As El Prado was always first on my list of places to visit I hurried to the always green park El Retiro and entered one of the most stunning classical museums in the world. The overwhelming spirit of renaissance, baroque and academical painting was howling in the hallways. What was there for me to find?
Always surrounded by frenzy ideas I have to balance them out by focusing on the technical aspects, careful planning and attention to details. Looking at the immensely perfect composition of artists such as El Greco or Claude Lorraine for example, leads me to rethink my sketches and be a better guide for my viewer - not letting him wander hopelessly but take his hand and introduce to the created world.
Although there are many extraordinary paintings I was looking for something particular, the depiction of heroines, goddesses and powerful female depictions. It can be found in a not so famous painting of Juan van der Hamen y Leon – An Offering to Flora from 1627 showing a delicate and subtle representation of femininity. The flowers used by the artists are built up in a marvelous composition scattered around the canvas but Flora herself is also very intriguing.
What I anticipated most was the answer to my search for the perfect composition. The subject of my stories, my heroine has a position of a goddess among my art. She is the centre of my dreamy universe deserving a flawless representation that embodies her personality, background, nature and myth. I wandered through the hallways waiting for a blink of interest, a captivating female depiction that would help forming my idea. Surprisingly I devoted my attention to a very particular depiction – the Immaculate Conception interpreted in the paintings of Rubens from 1628/1629 and Gianbattista Tiepolo from 1767-1769. Unlike other images of Virgin Mary she is shown as a defender of mankind, fearless heroine looking down at the serpent under her feet. Although monumental she is delicate, graceful, her body sculpted with care, vulnerable naked feet able to crush the head of a snake.
That confidence in using a central composition, big scale contrast with subtlety of depiction, was a lacking element in my vision. Glad to find inspiration I leave El Prado with fresh ideas, holding on to my notebook with scribbled words, quickly doodled images. I look with excitement to the future, ready for challenging projects and expanding my dreamy empire of imagination.



Third week of May I participated in Maydays project organised by third year students of Academy Minerva. Divided in six groups we set up exhibitions that are scattered around the city of Groningen. Together with five international students I took part in Mouthful of Exhibition located in the building of Cultureel Studentencentrum USVA.
mouth open:.
'A collection of not so delicate delicacies laid out before you - sensations your tongue can’t handle. This mixed-media presentation of individual and collaborative works by six International students, as part of the Maydays Exhibition of the Academie Minerva includes:.
*A momentary mouth rest if appropriate..
2D, video, installations and the undefined. .
All-encompassing a mouthful of language derived from questioning. .
We hope to see you there..
mouth closed..


March 2015 - TRIP TO SPAIN.

For this summer I planned a trip to Spain to have a taste of the local art scene.
It was my first time in Valencia, a city associated with modern bohemia and best
art academy in the country. The old town itself has an incredible welcoming atmosphere making it very easy to make contact with people and get to know the environment better. Of course my main point of focus was
a visit to IVAM - the institute of modern art. I was very impressed by the variety of shows being displayed at that time and found it very intriguing to compere it to Dutch and Polish exhibitions
I visited in past year. Especially compelling was the In Transit show consisting of pieces from different decades from the museum collection. The main theme was to exhibit together works that break wall, cross borders and have this attitude that influences society in a way. Among the artists were names such as Gerhard Richter, Bruce Nauman or Guillermo Kuitica. Coming back to my recent research though I decided to drift a little bit from the strictly art themed places and add something to my research on storytelling. And that is how I found myself in
MARQ - museum of archeology in Alicante. I thought it would be great to find out more about the prehistoric and ancient history of this region - the main subject the museum is focused on. It was surprisingly very inspiring to get to know how people passed on stories about their daily life, rituals, heroes of their times. I could watch every step of how legends and myths were being created through passing time. Definitely the most fascinated is the Iberian period of Alicante's history with iconic princess of Cabezo Lucero and surrounding her fables.



The exhibition organised in Noorderlicht Gallery in Groningen is a result of project week at Academy Minerva. 12 students from different departments of the academy worked in small groups in commissioned portraits. The photographs were made using wet-plate technique which dates back to XIX century. The project was conducted under the supervision of Peter van Hal - one of very few artists that mastered that marvellous technique. - Facebook page of the event - Peter van Hal website


22.02.2015 - MARCH EXPO

Exhibition organised by third year students of Academy Minerva undertaking the role of artists as well as curators. Participants are young people not only from the Netherlands but also from all other the world which makes the expo very diverse and compelling for the viewers. - page of the event - Academy Minerva website